Monday, January 13, 2014

Lfundoo & Kiki's Epic Crafty Adventure Day 6: Meet & Greet, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Daiso

Forgot to post that after our Prima Warehouse adventure, Linda showed me what she bought.  Since she also went out with Scrapstress, she showed me what she got from Michaels too.  It's Boo!  I had no idea what the heck Boo was, so I had to google it.  I think he really is the cutest dog!
I think I mentioned in my last post that we had to go back to the post office again this morning to mail out a few more boxes after that major Prima Warehouse haul.  Siri was on Hawaiian time so we got a bit lost at first, but once she warmed up we found it quickly.  Mimi's café was really close by (a different one from the one we went to last time).  We liked Mimi's so we decided to eat there again for breakfast.  Since I didn't have coffee the other day, I decided to have a cappuccino.  Do you like my foam mustache?

Here's what we had for breakfast. Nom nom nom!

After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to pick up a few things, then we were on our way to Creative Young Mama's house. If you haven't checked out her You Tube Channel yet, you really should.  She won "Best Hauls" for the You Tube craft awards. Damn, she has some nice stuff!!!  She was so nice to welcome us into her home!  More on that later.
On the way over, we heard from Ohaijoy (Hi Joy!) and was sad to hear she couldn't make it.  Total bummer, but glad we were able to see her earlier in the week.
After we got to Creative Young Mama's house, we chatted a bit and then Scrapstress arrived!  OMG she is so funny.  You need to watch her YT channel.  She is just like how she is on YT.  We found out that TryHeart67 couldn't make it either.  I guess it was a junk day to meet up.
So we jumped into Creative Young Mama's car and she took us to Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Daiso.  Yay!  So happy to visit all these stores.  We tried taking a photo in front of Hobby Lobby, but you can't see the sign cause we are all short!  Cracks me up when I see this photo.
While we were shopping, Scrapstress was busy snapping pictures with all of us.  We took a photo together first. 

After me, she took a photo with Linda.. so funny!  Wish I thought of that!

This is my favorite pix!  Creative Young Mama is hilarious!

As we were checking out the trims, Scrapstress picks up this one and says "I want to just drape this all over my body!".  She's so awesome!

I guess we must've been distracted shopping cause I don't have any pictures!  I took this one after we got back to Creative Young Mama's and was checking out the loot.  Got tons of these pretty clothespins from Daiso!  Don't worry, not all for me.  Most are to share.

Creative Young Mama's dog is so cute!  He just loved all the attention!

We were even able to video chat w/Nadinetx!  Hi Nadine!  Wish you could've joined us! 

We ended the night with a group photo to commemorate our fun day!  I have never met Creative Young Mama or Scrapstress before but I felt so comfortable with them.  They were so nice to include me in their meet 'n greet.  Thanks to Creative Young Mama again for opening up her home to us so we could just hang out and relax and have fun together! 
After we got home, we had to pack (again) and get ready to go home.  So much fun memories made on this trip that I will NEVER forget! 



Linda said...

Thanks for inviting me on this epic adventure Jenny! I will never forget this trip and the only thing missing was our other bestie, Cami! xoxo

Leanne said...

Awww what a fabulous trip you and Linda had! So glad you got to visit with all the YT ladies and meet new and lasting friends. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Until next time!! Yah, you gotta bring Cami next time.

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StampinwithAloha said...

So lucky you got to hang out w/the winner of the best Crafty YT hauls! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Jo said...

Looks like you had a blast! Rina is always life of the party =)