Friday, March 8, 2013

Japan Haul: Nakamise and Daiso

 Yes, there are still more Japan haul posts!  I'll try to combine them so you don't get too bored...

Whenever I ask my mom if she wants anything while I'm on a trip, she doesn't normally make any requests.  This time, she did ask me for some Kanzashi for her hair, so I was on a mission to find something.  She said she preferred red, but unfortunately, I couldn't find red anywhere.  Her hair is shorter now, so I think pins work better for her than a rubber band.  This is the set I picked up for her in Nakamise. I liked all of the flowers in the set.  Hope she likes it.

I also got a Teru Teru Bozu doll for my friend Les.  She likes Kawaii stuff too, especially smiley face stuff.  I thought this would be good for her to hang in her car since she's a photographer and rain is always a problem.   Not sure why he's yellow though.. I think they are supposed to be white?  Couldn't find a white one.. Sorry Les!  Make sure you bring it to Hilo the next time you visit!

Next on my list of stuff to get was a Doraemon figure.  Finally figured out he's a robot cat.  Guess that explains why he has no ears?  I saw him all over Japan last time and this time I wanted to get one to bring home.  He looks like the statue in front of the Ban Dai building.

When you press the button on his belly, his eyes spin.  See?  Now it's hearts!  Weird I know, but he is Japanese after all.

The next haul is from Daiso or 100 yen store.  Wanted to get some Japanese stuff for my office and thought those gel clings would be cute for Girl's Day that's coming up.  I also liked the bags in the lower left corner and couldn't resist the bear shaped measuring tape!

These next critters were found in Nakamise- on one of the side streets. I remember finding them last time and picking up some cute stuff, so I checked in while Paul and Akemi were eating some Arare.

I liked this Tsuru pin for some reason. I don't normally wear pins, but I like Tsuru's, so I got it anyway. I never see cute tsuru characters anywhere, so I snapped this one up quickly.

And I think I told you that I really like tiny clothespins now right?  These bunnies caught my eye too.

And who can resist this cute neko?  I don't even like cats but he was so cute, I got him for my office.

Now I didn't get much Hello Kitty stuff since she's all over Hawaii, but I did scoop this cell phone charm up because she's pulling a rickshaw!

You can see the rickshaw better in this photo...

And finally, I got this cute clip set.  I was going to give it away, but I think I'll keep it for myself.  

Hope you are enjoying the posts so far!

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