Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Japan Haul: Tokyo Disneyland Goodies

Moving on with more Japan omiyage goodness.  Do I still call it omiyage when it's for me?  OK, maybe I should call it a Tokyo Disneyland Haul!

I love Disney merchandise, but I gotta say... Tokyo Disneyland has the CUTEST versions of the characters.  It took a lot to withstand buying loads of Donald, Mickey, and Stitch!  For some reason, they know how to tweak the characters just enough so that they look like the characters, but are 10 times cuter!

I didn't get to do that much shopping this time since Akemi was with us and was really into the rides.  Here's what I managed to pick up while there...

I was stoked to find this Tokyo Disneyland fan in a store in Adventureland. This store specialized in Japanese items.  See the castle and Mickey heads on the fan?  Love that they added the tsuru with it.

Here's proof that it's from Tokyo Disneyland...

Not sure why, but I'm very excited about mini clothes pins now days. I picked up several different types on this trip and Disney was no exception.  I liked how Minnie had different expressions on each clip.

Not sure why this appealed to me, but I had Stitch Fever while in Japan.  He's everywhere and the Japanese sure adore him!  You can stack these Stitches on each other.

See?  Pretty cool yah?

And I think I posted this already, but I really like this candy dispenser set.

And I had to pick up these cell phone charms.  Not sure why I liked them so much.. maybe it's cause they are my two favorite things... Disney and food?

Here's a close up of the coffee mugs.

And finally, found this Pop 'n Step at Kiddie Land.  They had other Disney characters too, but the Stitch was the cutest.  Akemi really liked it, so I got it for her.  When the music plays, Stitch dances along to the beat.  Check out the site here...

Very cool..  how come I've never seen this in the US?


Cami said...

What a great, fun, haul! All for you, or some for Akemi? LOL!
Many items are for sale in Japan only and are not exported so you really have a "special edition" here!

Unknown said...

Can you tell me more about the candy dispenser set? How do they dispense candy? Any chance these are still available? :)