Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recyle Bag Tutorial

I received a question on how to make the recycle bags from Linda. I used to sew but those days are gone... I don't think my sewing machine even works anymore! Anyway- I wanted to embellish my recycle bags and researched using fabric on the Sizzix website. I was happy to find that no sewing was required! Here's what I did:
Supplies used:
  • Fusible web (No Sew type)- comes in a roll or small sheets that are folded. Follow directions on the package.
  • Fabric- if you are using white fabric, make sure its a thicker type since you can sometimes see through it- especially if you are using a black bag.
  • Iron
  • Embellishments- buttons, fabric paint, crystals (used with fabric glue), etc.
  • Recycle bag
1. Iron fusible web to BACK of fabric that you want to use. Paper side should be facing you.
2. Cut image using Sizzix dies (note-I had a hard time with Sizzlits- Originals and Bigz work best).
First, cut fabric to fit die.
Then place fabric piece with fabric side down on die-otherwise your image will be cut backwards. You may want to do this, so just keep it in mind.
See- fabric side down. (I used red to show you).
Here's what your Hello Kitty will look like- same as if you cut it with paper. Pop out the eyes and nose. 3. Just as you would with paper- cut additional pieces in different colors for layering.
4. Peel off paper from back of die cut and position onto base piece. I normally iron on the base piece first then add the layers to the piece- but do what's most comfortable for you. If you are making a Hello Kitty bag here's what I did for the face- Since the bag was black, I didn't need to do anything for the eyes (just popped them out). For the nose, I ironed on a small yellow piece of fabric first and then layed the head over it, positioning the cut out nose over the yellow.
Peel off the backing... Here's the piece I used for the nose. I ironed it on first then positioned the head over the yellow so that it covered the nose hole. (can't seem to rotate this photo- sorry!). Iron on Hello Kitty head so that nose opening is over the yellow fabric.
Iron on red bow.
5. After you iron on all the pieces, you can embellish the bag with crystals (adhered using fabric glue), fabric paint or buttons. For Hello Kitty bags, I used black fabric paint for the whiskers.
I also used a clear glitter fabric paint to accent the bow. Here's a close up of the bow before it dries. Don't worry, it will dry clear.
I added the Hello Kitty phrase to the bag. Later on, I'm going to cut flowers, etc. and decorate the bag more. You can stop here... just depends on how you want your bag to look! Linda- hope this is helpful to you! Not much different from making regular die cuts from your Sizzix- just a couple extra steps of adding the fusible web. Have fun making them! Please let me know how your bags turn out! I'd love to see them!


Linda said...

Hey Jenny! Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial!!! I'll need to get some of that webbing and see what I can come up with! Hmmm, holiday craft fairs are right around the corner ... ha ha ha! Thanks again and have a wonderful week! xoxo, Linda

Denise said...

WOW, I just LOVE this bag! What a great job!