Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Card For Akemi

My daughter just loves coloring in stamped images! Since I've been busy making a lot of cards, I'll stamp a couple of images for her to color in beside me. After she went to bed, I decided to make a card for her. I just got these cool Anime stamps from In Style Stamps. They are really really really cute! I chose this one because her names is Akemi.. just like my daugther. Since she is also learning how to read, I wrote to her inside the card using words I know she knows. She was thrilled to be able to read the card herself! A closer look at Akemi... After I gave my daughter the card, she decided to make a card for me! Here's the card she made... Can you tell she likes to use her glitter glue? I was so touched that she wanted to make a card for me! Thank you Akemi! If you haven't already checked out In Style Stamps, you should take a look. They have a lot of Anime stamps and even digital images you can purchase. You can even send in a photo and they'll make a custom Anime based on the photo! Isn't that cool? I'm thinking about trying it myself.

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Denise said...

Very cute card, and your daughter does a good job with her coloring.