Friday, July 31, 2009

The Greeting Farm Blog Hop

Hi Everyone...
Ready for the weekend?? I am... I have 3 days off in addition to my weekend.. Woo Hoo! Actually I was forced to take off because of my daughter's kindergarten school schedule. Oh well- maybe I'll have some time for crafting?
I've been a little MIA recently. Got busy getting the Island Scrapbooking blog ready for The Greeting Farm Blog Hop! If you haven't checked it out yet, go to the Club Anya or Splendid Stamping with the Greetings Farm blogs for more details. They will be publishing a list of blogs that are participating so you can "hop" and check out everyone's creations. Its a great way to get new ideas. Don't forget to check out the Island Scrapbooking blog to see what we all came up with!
Here's my contribution to the blog hop... I had something totally different in mind when I started working on my card, but it didn't work out (don't even ask- its that bad), that I had to come up with a new card... and fast! Yes, I procrastinated because I got side tracked and worked on a non-Greeting Farm project that I will post soon. So to make a long story short, I stayed up till 2am last night and worked on the finishing touches till now....
As I stared at all of my TGF stamps, I was drawing a blank... sometimes the images you have just don't fit your idea.... so scrap the idea right? I decided to use the Rock the Farm set because TGF uses the farmer girl as their logo and they are the Greeting "Farm" right? So I incorporated the farm animals into the design as well.
The other theme I wanted to incorporate was the "small world" concept. My sister lives in Italy, born and raised in Hawaii, and we are Japanese, so she's very into the international theme. Now that TGF has come out with some international Anya and Ian designs, I thought this was the way to go- reminds me of her. Luckily, Kelli was nice enough to stamp a Scottie Ian and Navajo Anya for me, otherwise my concept might not have worked. Thank you Kelli! I really wanted to incorporate the world/globe in my card, so I printed a clip art from the internet.
Now for the funny part... I decided to make this a pop up card.... see how the world and all the Anyas/Ians pop up off the card? Well, when you close the card, the Hula Anya's head popped out from the side of the card! I had to perform surgery and attach the red border strip onto the card so it extended it. Yikes!
This actually gave me more room for my title, but the card ended up huge! It reminds me of a small portfolio. Oh well. Need to keep that in mind next time I work on a pop up card!
Overall, this project turned out to be very stressful but I like the results. I think I would like it more if the card were smaller.
So my daughter, who loves Anya stamps by the way, decided she wanted to participate in the blog hop too! Here's her contribution. Daddy had built this house for her favorite stuffed bunny (aka "Daba") which we painted/decorated together. That's balloons and a rainbow on the roof, Wubzy carpeting on the top floor and a Daba carpet with "I Love You" painted on the bottom floor. When I came home from work today, she had the house decorated with all her Anyas. Guess she's gonna be a crafter just like Mommy!


joni h said...

I just saw the Islandscrapbooking blog and saw the wonderful creations! I love your idea! Your daugther is too cute! TGF images are fun to color for any age! TFS!

Joy said...

that is so awesome! this card is sweet!!! love the animals...and look at all TGF stamps you own! woo-hoo! your daughter is so cute and what a way to decorate her house! TFS and have a great weekend!

Kyoko said...

OMG Jenny! What an awesome card you came up with ... very impressive! Oh, your daughter is soo cute with her Anya project.

Cheryl said...

Awwweee, your daughter is so cute! I'll see you next month in Hilo.