Friday, December 4, 2009

RAKs to Share

Can't wait for the weekend! Got LOTS of crafting to do and I'm already behind!
Just wanted to acknowledge some RAKs I got recently. Teri sent me some images that you can't get anymore (darn, why do I only figure out I want them after they are retired?). Isn't she sweet? Speaking of Teri, go to her site to check out her offer... She will send you some 3M adhesive paper in exchange for a holiday card, which she will donate to the Women's Transitional Center. So nice yah? What a win win situation yah? Get a goodie and make someone happy!
Included with the images was this lovely card. I just love this Dasher stamp from SU. It's not really my style, but I bought it anyway and love using it... especially for guy cards.
The second RAK was from my cousin Laura. I sent her the blog candy she won and she sent me this thank you card and some washi tape (is that what it is Laura?). I think this card is so cute. If you check out her blog, she cites where she got the idea from. I think its all punches! How clever! I love how she made the card look like a store! Makes me want to go bag shopping!
Thank you ladies!


kris said...

Beautiful cards!!! for such a beatufil person! Have a great weekend Jenny! hugs, Kris

Denise said...

Well deserved! Thanks for sharing. Have a Beautiful weekend.

Unknown said...

So nice card! Teri is so sweet :)