Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

For this year's Fodder's Day (Akemi talk) gift, I thought I'd make my DH a shadowbox frame of his other passion in life (besides his family)... Taiko! He is the Director of Puna Taiko and can talk about Taiko all day long if I let him. Anyway, I normally make him something with our daughter on it, but this time I got inspired to make it taiko related.
Since I've never seen any taiko related scrapbooking stuff, I decided to make my own. Do you like my taiko drum? Made it out of an oval spellbinder and punched out small ovals for the "skins". To simulate the hardware, used my mini brads. To give the skin the worn look, I used my distress inks on the sides.
If you look closely at the large photo (taken at last year's Taiko Concert in Hilo), they have their Puna Taiko banner in red... I made a similar banner using my computer and printed it on red cardstock. Then just trimmed the end to look like a flag and rolled the top part over a bamboo skewer and hung gold cord from the top. Its amazing what you can do with a little paper and supplies in your kitchen yah?
For Fodder's Day, we celebrated by going to eat Dim Sum at Kirin Chinese Restaurant at the Hilton Waikoloa. Yum! You don't appreciate dim sum until you can't get it. We don't have dim sum service in Hilo and the only place I'm aware of that has it on this island is the Hilton. Since we were in Waikoloa for a wedding, we decided to celebrate Fodder's day by eating some ono dim sum! :) Here's DH and DD acting silly while waiting for the dim sum to arrive (no carts like in Honolulu- made to order). DD doesn't like dim sum, so she was happy with won ton mein.
Got them to make a "nice" picture for me too... After the Hilton we went to get dessert at ORANGE TREE!!! You don't know how happy me and DD were to get some frozen yogurt! That totally hit the spot. Although we don't have Orange Tree in Hilo... I know a secret!! Well, maybe its not a secret, but I'm so excited that YOGURTLAND is coming to Hilo!! WOO HOO! I will be first in line to welcome them here. Can't wait can't wait! (Thanks Debi for the tip!)
Hope everyone had a nice Fodder's Day! I came home sick as a dog, so that's why I'm so late in posting this.


Joy said...

awesome creation. I am sure your hubby really liked it. love your creative mind at making your own decorations for this pretty shadow box. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Teri said...

Wow! What a great Fodder's Day gift! (I love Akemi's talk!). Great photos of the 2 of them...looks like you guys had alot of fun!

eunice said...

How neat that your dh is so in to taiko! And this shadowbox came out just he was tickled! Very cool how you created the taiko with punches and brads...looks great!