Monday, June 28, 2010

Stationary Box and B-Day Fun

I've had the instructions for this stationary box forever, but haven't had the time or patience to do it. Its actually very easy to put together, its filling it that is time consuming...
Here's the box opened up. As you can see I didn't do the stuff that is supposed to go on the other side like the address book, pen holder, and postage stamp holder.. Oh well- maybe next time.
Here's the cards I made... tried to do some simple cards.
Here's the 3x3 cards for the small pocket....
Here's the tags I made for the other pocket.
And now for some fun b-day photos! Akemi celebrated her 6th b-day (1 month late) at a beach house... I am red as a lobster but it was worth it!
Nothing like a good old fashioned donut eating contest... the powder sugar kine! We even did one for the "big kids"... my DH won by downing the whole donut in one bite!
Here's the pinata my DH made for the party... He was determined to make his own and wanted it to look like the invitation.
The kids (young and old) were in the water ALL day!
Even Kiki wanted to join in the fun and swam with us.
Boy am I beat! That was so much fun! Special thanks to Uncle Roy, Erik, Uncle Kyle and Grandma Kat for all your help this weekend! :)


Kyoko said...

WOWEE ... very impressive Jenny! Love all the pictures! I still remember doing the donut eating contest as a young child ... THOSE WERE THE DAYS!

mst822 said...

What a great stationery project! Luv all your cards & tags! Great pics too! The donut eating contest looks like fun! Your hubby's piƱata is awesome too!

Shirley N said...

Love your stationery box and that b-day party looked like so much fun!

Laura said...

Looks like a lot of fun... I forgot about donought eating contests! Brings back memories.

Joy said...

Really great project, Jenny! Love all the cards and tags inside, too.

Looks like you all had a really fun time. Lucky your honey is so talented,too, that pinata is sooo cute!