Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Stef!

Saw my SIL this past weekend and gave her her b-day present (late)... Hope she likes it! ha ha ha ha ha. A long time ago, we got this angel statue and its been the running joke ever since to give to someone for their b-day or xmas. Its totally been vandalized to look like Gene Simmons of KISS. So now its in Stef's hands as we patiently await to see who will receive it next. Oh yah- whoever has it must add something to the angel... This time we just added a clothes pin to his hands so he could hold her gift card, but he's had tatoos, manicures, measels, you name it! This is the card I made for her.. used my distress inks (again) for the background and found this old butterfly stamp in my stash. I just got the sentiment stamps by CC's Designs from Island Scrapbooking. Its neat because the two sets coordinate with each other and it saves a lot of space on your card. Happy Birthday Stef!


Creative Grammie said...

Nice card! Love the butterflies in flight.

eunice said...

Oh, the colors on this one are exquisite! Very pretty, Jenny!