Friday, March 1, 2013

Japan Haul: Pandamonium!

Yes, I have Panda Fever!  I've always liked pandas as a kid, but I guess Pandas are now more hip and prevalent?  I seem to be seeing more and more of them, so I have jumped on the Panda bandwagon and indulged a little while in Japan.

Here's some of the goodies I picked up...

I already shared my panda headband with you in my post here...  I got them at the Ueno Zoo when we visited their giant pandas!

Found this cute panda scrubbie at the 100 yen (Daiso) shop in Odaiba.. Score!

Got this panda keychain from the Ueno Zoo... gotta support the Pandas!

Found these cute panda stamps at Itoya in Ginza!  More on Itoya in another post.

Here's the back..

Oh!  And found this cute panda pen at the zoo too.

When I found out my niece likes pandas too, I got this mobile for her from Nakamise...

This is what the bottom panda looks like.  Cute yah?

OK enough with the pandas for now... that is until my next trip!!


Cami said...

How cute!

Leanne said...

hehehe, very cute! does this mean there might be a panda in the Sister Stamps future? :)
If you are EVER in LA again you'll have to come visit my office. I have a co-worker who literally lives amongst them. You'd get a kick out of her office.
Great haul!