Thursday, March 7, 2013

Japan Haul: Daiso & Misc. Goodies

One of my favorite stores in Japan is the Daiso or 100 yen shops for obvious reasons. You can get some really cool stuff for a good price. 

My sister-in-law sometimes makes bento for her kids and tries to make them cute like how the Japanese do.  I thought she would get a kick out of these animal toothpicks and shoyu bottles.

Here's a close up of the toothpicks...

And a side view of the shoyu bottles..

Also picked up a hiragana chart for my nephew.  He can't even read yet, but thought we'd start him off right.  Also got him a shinkansen (train) and found this Cars candy at Kiddy Land earlier.  The candy is a chocolate egg with a cars toy inside.  He's Cars crazy, so I'm sure he will like it.

Another good find but not at the Daiso store, was these Frixion pens by Pilot.  They come in different colors and are eraseable with the eraser on top. Not sure if other erasers will work on the ink, but the ink is said to last 10-15 yrs?  Not sure if that has been tested or not... Anyway, another hot commodity from Japan.  Found these at Itoya in Ginza, but also picked up a Disney version at Tokyo Disneyland.

And since we got to visit the Tokyo Tower this time, I wanted to get something for my stash.  Settled on this mini replica of the tower.

Just a few more posts!  Hang in there!


Cami said...

So fun to shop in Japan! Great stuff!

Linda said...

Glad you found the pens!