Friday, October 18, 2013

10-09-13 Day 4: Outlet Mall

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Vegas was to hit the outlet mall my mom kept telling me about.  Since no one wanted to go shopping with us, we split from the group and headed out on our own.

Before we left, we wanted to try the slot tournament at Main Street.  When we picked up our car, we saw a huge crowd at the slot tournament, so we thought it might be fun to enter... so we paid our $10 and entered.  As it neared 11:00, we wondered if anyone else was going to enter?

Only me, mom, and two other guys entered.  The grouchy lady called us back to the booth and told us we "qualify" for the finals.  What the hell does that mean?  Hello!  No explanation whatsoever.  We didn't even know if we would make it back in time for the finals.  So we went back to the booth and told her we couldn't make it back, so she gave us a refund.  What a bust!  Don't think I'll ever do that again unless I'm trapped at the casino all day.

So mom and I headed to the Outlet to do some damage.  We had a lot of fun! I picked up some bags for myself (thanks Mom!) and started some of my Christmas shopping. Got some good deals!  Will definitely go back the next time I visit.

After we got back and met up with Paul & Akemi, they wanted to go to the Outlet with me.  One of the things on Akemi's to do list was to get her ears pierced.  She talked about it before our trip, but when we first got to Vegas, we couldn't find a regular place to get them pierced.  Only tattoo places offered piercings, so we decided to wait.  I saw a Claire's at the outlet mall, so I told Akemi about it and she wanted to go.

I let her pick out her earings- she picked her birthstone.  Then just like that, they were pierced!

She said it hurt a little, but after awhile she was fine.  So proud of her!

The only other picture I have to share for that day is this caramel apple. The night before, Kyle and I wanted a caramel apple at Circus Circus, but the store closed before we could get one.  When I saw this one at the outlet mall, I had to get it!  It was HUGE and expensive, but I think it was worth it.  I picked the one covered in oreos.  Love that it came with the perfect carrier!

So I didn't get to go with Paul and the gang during the day, but they tell me they went to Five guys burgers.  They all highly recommended it, so I guess if you are in Vegas or see one, you should try it.  Everyone seemed to like it a lot!

After getting Akemi's ears pierced, Paul, Akemi and Kyle went to the jousting tournament at the Excalibur.  It came with dinner, so they ate while they watched.  They all seemed to like it a lot.  No napkins or silverware, I passed.

After a long day of shopping/sight seeing, Paul & I hit the blackjack table.  Although we didn't make any $$ we sure had fun!  Come back for one more day of Vegas fun!

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eva said...

all your vegas posts make me wanna go to vegas too! we haven't been there for 10 years too! looks like you had a great time!