Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10-7-13 Vegas Day 2: Main Street, Cosmopolitan, and the Strip

You're back?  I guess you like reading about our adventures!  This was Akemi's first trip to Vegas, so she didn't know quite what to expect.  She heard about some places, but really didn't know where she wanted to go.

Since Paul's favorite buffet (or so he thought) was the Main Street breakfast buffet, we headed there for breakfast on our first morning.  We had to go to pick up our car anyway at Main Street, so it worked out perfectly.  Sadly, the buffet is not quite as we remembered.  I guess things change in 10 years.  Here's Akemi getting goofy at breakfast.

Akemi entertained herself at breakfast.  She didn't think she could suck up the jello through her straw.

After we ate, we picked up the car from Main Street.  Paul ended up going with his family that morning for some family visiting while I took Akemi and Mom to go explore a bit.  Paul's friend Kyle decided to join us as we headed to Trader Joe's in search of cookie butter.

We weren't successful. In fact, there was a big sign saying they run out fast and you have to go to the front to ask for the cookie butter.  I guess all the crazy Hawaii people buy them out all the time.  More on cookie butter later.  We did our other Trader Joe's shopping and picked up my favorite Yogurt Stars!  Yum!

After Trader Joe's everyone humored me and went to Michael's.  Uncle Kyle took Akemi to the pet store next door.  When they met me later, he told me that Akemi wanted to buy a hamster.  Yikes!  

By then, we decided to head back to the hotel since we had some chocolate goodies and didn't want them to melt.  By the time we got back to the hotel, Paul was back with his family.  Mom and Akemi decided to rest at the hotel, so I headed out with Paul, his mom, his grandma, and Kyle to the Cosmopolitan hotel.  Kyle had done some research before his trip and had planned his food attack.  One of the items on his must eat list was Secret Pizza... So we headed to the Cosmopolitan to check it out. 

I must say, the Cosmopolitan was one of the nicer hotels that I've seen  Lots of bling everywhere. The decor was very upscale.  One of my favorite sites was the Chandelier Bar.  So Shabby!!!

We couldn't find the Secret Pizza on the directory... duh... that's why it's a secret no?  So Kyle asked someone who worked at the hotel where to go. They told us to go upstairs, find the pool table, and go down the hallway and you will find Secret Pizza.  Somehow we found it!  They had several types of pizza ready. Once you order, they heat it up for you so it's nice and warm.  For about $5, you can get a huge pizza- see sample below.

It was pretty bad ass. We ordered one sausage and one mushroom and shared.  I think we both preferred the mushroom.  They also had a white pizza, but we didn't try that.

After we ate our pizzas, my MIL ordered a cannoli.  Look how yummy that looks?  Never had one of those before.

Guess Paul didn't want to waste any of it!

After we left Secret Pizza, we waited a bit on the couches in the lobby when I saw this.. Do you recognize this?

Come on Friends fans.. It's Joey & Chandler's foozball table!  Bwahahahaha!

After we had our fill, we headed back to downtown to meet up with my mom and Akemi.  Paul's family came to the Cal to have dinner with us that night.  It was nice to see Aunty Pat, Roberta, and Topper again.  After dinner, Akemi was getting antsy so we took her to the strip so she could see all the sites.

We drove past the Bellagio fountains, which she thought we so cool.  We didn't really stop anywhere along the way, but did pull into the Las Vegas sign at the end of the strip.  We were going to take a picture but it was too dark.  We hoped we could go back during the day to try to take another one.

Uncle Kyle didn't eat dinner with us, so he wanted to check out Sonic.  He was in search of their Frito Pie, but it must've been a seasonal thing cause we didn't see it on the menu.. But we did see this....

 OMG- chili cheese tater tots with extra onions.  I wasn't even hungry, but couldn't stop eating them!  Unfortunately their ice cream machine was down that night, so we didn't get to try their shakes.  Next time.

That was a lot of eating yah!?  Stay tuned for some wicked food!


Cami said...

What a wonderful, fun trip you all had! Thanks for sharing all the places you went to and what you ate! We're going next month and I can't wait now! You're good at writing...make a small memory/scrapbook!

Expressions & Inspirations said...

Yummy vacation! :) TFS. I want to try that chili cheese tater tots. Mmmmm.