Monday, March 4, 2013

Japan Haul: Sister Stamps Props

I'm always looking for some props to go with my Sister Stamps projects.  I gave some toys to my sister the last time we saw each other, so I didn't have much to use recently. I was on a mission to find some new items on this trip to Japan.

These items were picked up at the Daiso (100 yen shop) and Nakamise.  I find most of the traditional toys there. 

I thought this turtle was cute.. found him at Daiso.

And got this toy from Nakamise.  Sis used it on the Yuki stamp... It was falling out of her stocking!

This is a mini taiko that was found on the Nobu stamp.

Now I didn't know what the heck this guy was, but he looked kinda like a daruma to me.  I got him anyway for inspiration.. I looked it up and here's how you play with him...

And I found a cool boy's day koi flag set!  This is always useful.. Especially with Kastura!