Monday, March 9, 2009

Hoaloha Projects

Hi Everyone! Yesterday's club meeting was very productive. Miyeko Yamane taught us all how to write Japanese Calligraphy. I had such a hard time but it was very interesting to learn. Yamane Sensei was nice enough to write our names for each of us who attended. I think I'm going to have mine framed. Here is Yamane Sensei demonstrating the correct way to write the kanji.
Here are all of the names Yamane Sensei wrote for us.
After our Calligraphy lesson, Amy taught us all how to make this cute notepad holder. When you open up the holder, there's even a pocket to hold all your stuff! She even made us matching pens to go with each notebook. I love the papers she choose. They colors coordinate so well together. I hope Amy decides to teach this class. I'm sure others will want to learn how to do this fast and easy project! I'm sorry I don't know what companies these supplies were from since Amy had all the supplies pre-cut. Thanks Amy! Here's the notebook I made.
Here's the inside. I put in the card so you can see the pocket.
Here's Amy with one of the notebooks.

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Denise said...

These note books are a great idea. Very pretty. Great gift for a teacher.