Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Girl's Day Goodies!

I was very lucky to be the recipient of the CUTEST Hello Kitty notepad EVER! A special thank you to Aunty Jan who sent this to me. At first I thought there was only one and assumed it was for my daughter, but then I realized there were two!! She knows how much I love Hello Kitty. I have no idea how she did this, but I will do my best to find out! If you look carefully, she even made the flowers dangle from her bow and made the metal tassle you often see on the hair ornaments. This was done by cutting silver cardstock to look like the tassles. I especially like her shoes! I'm pretty sure my mom will try to steal it from me.
Aunty Jan also included sakura shaped cookies! I'm sure they were from her workplace- Larry's Bakery! Yummy. I can't wait to eat them... yet they are almost too pretty to eat! She even wrapped them in cherry blossom cellophane bags. Gotta get some of those too.
By the way, I just have to add that Aunty Jan is my craft god, mentor, role model, whatever you want to call it. She is sooo talented and teaches me all kinds of stuff. I'm so lucky to be realted to someone with so much talent!
Here's a closer look at each note pad. I can't decide which one I like better!
Ok, these next items weren't really for Girl's day, but since it came in a day later, I consider it to be for Girl's day. I have no idea if you can see these or not but I had a hard time photographing them. My sister Denise sent me these SUPER CUTE key chains. The one on the left is a little japanese girl and the one on the right is a mermaid. She's a really good artist and drew the images herself. I don't want to risk losing them so I think I'm going to hang them in my office so I can look at them at work.
Wow! I got so much loot this year! My husband also gave me a Girl's day gift... he took out an old ceiling fan/light and replaced it with track lighting so that my work area is better lit. THANK YOU! Now I can see my projects much better.


Denise said...

Cute Girl's Day gifts. HelloKitty is just the cutest!!

Laura said...

I posted what Aunty Jan sent to me too =). She's so good! She also sent me a card that is super cute! Love the little girl that Denise drew!

Teri said...

Love your HK girl's day gifts!! you really scooped this year! lucky you!