Friday, November 18, 2011

B-Day Goodies from Karen

My friend Karen (aka K.I.), always remembers my birthday. She's so thoughtful and loves making little gifts for us whenever we see her. She actually gave me these a month before my b-day and told me not to open it till my b-day. I was so good and didn't open it till then. Yay me! So here's what she made.. she used Kiyomi from Sister Stamps! Here's a close up of the card... And the french fry box... And she even added this fun gift that she made for the girls in our club. On the back is a magnet, so you can leave it on y0ur fridge, etc. How clever yah? I love that paper! Thank you so much Karen for all the goodies! You spoil me!

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Amy said...

These are so cool, and very have a wonderful friend!
Happy belated birthday Jenny!