Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congratulations Akemi!

Aaah, graduation...a time to celebrate your academic accomplishments. Let me tell you, I had no idea that pre-schoolers have graduation ceremonies. I only had one at 6th grade, high school and college. I never even heard of pre-school graduations until last year when the 4 year olds had their graduation cermony. Just another excuse to make more stuff!
Anyway, I ordered a Hello Kitty Graduate ballon and found a pink stuffed Hello Kitty dressed as a graduate, so naturally I had to make her card using a Hello Kitty dressed in pink! I've been dying to use my HK cricut cartridge to cut the graduate, but I just haven't had much time since I've been so busy. Anyway, since graduation is tonight, I had to do it already. I'm glad I did cause she came out cute! Don't get me wrong, its a lot of little pieces but its worth the work. I decided to make a shaker box card (still haven't tried the double shaker box yet). There must be a lot of excess tape cause the microbeads were sticking all over HK's face. Oh well, I'm sure Akemi won' t mind.
It's also her Birthday today! So more to post in the near future...

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