Sunday, May 9, 2010

Large Tote Bag Tutorial

Hi Everyone! By special request, I'm posting the instructions/measurements for the Large Tote Bag. Its based on the original design on the Scor-Pal website for the mini tote bag. I just adjusted the size so that it uses 2 sheets of 12x12 cardstock instead of 2 sheets of 6x6 cardstock. It looks like the size of a regular gift bag you can get in the store... only you can choose what DP you want to use! I guess you can consider this my Mother's Day present to you! Supplies:
  • 2 sheets 12x12 cardstock (same print)
  • Ribbon 2 strips of 18"
  • Scoreboard
  • Paper trimmer
  • hole punch
  1. Score each sheet at 1/2", 2 1/2", and 4 1/2". Make sure if your paper has a right/wrong direction that your paper is facing right side up at this first step. Note, if you need a wider bag, you'll have to adjust the space in between each score.
  2. Turn paper 90 degrees to the left, and score at 2 1/2". This will be the bottom of your bag.
  3. Turn your paper so that the bottom of the bag is at the bottom. Cut out corner scored rectangle from lower left corner.

4. Cut on 4 1/2" score line from bottom of bag to the 2 1/2" score line that you made in #2. These will be the flaps for the bottom of your bag.

5. Now score the top of your bag at 1/2". Fold on score line and adhere down.

6. Line up the bag as shown. Punch holes for handles approximately 2" in from the edge of the bag and about 1 1/2" down from the top of your bag. Make sure the paper is aligned with the two tops and two bottoms together.

      Punched holes at top of bag. I used my yellow crop-a-dile since it has a far reach. You could also measure and pierce it with your paper piercer.

    7. Adhere sides of bag together to form bag. Close bottom of bag using double stick tape.

    Bottom of the bag... 8. Tie a knot in your ribbon so that it won't pass through the hole. Insert ribbon from inside of bag and trim off excess. Insert ribbon back into bag through other hole and determine how long you want the handle to be. Tie off knot and trim excess. Repeat on the other side. Stick ribbon back in the other hole... Measure handles so that they are the same length before you tie the knot on the inside. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you have any questions


    Enjoli said...

    Happy Mother's Day Jenny! Hope you have a great day. Thank you for the great tutorial!! =)

    Teri said...

    What a great tutorial! Gonna have to try this out! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

    mst822 said...

    Thanks for sharing your tote bag tutorial! I was hoping one day you would! I must try this out soon! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!