Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bon Jovi Rocks!

I'm pooped from this exciting weekend! It's Wednesday and I'm still recovering!! We flew up Thursday night after work and stayed in Honolulu till Monday night. After a hard day of cleaning mom's yard, we had some frozen yogurt since I'm on a frozen yogurt kick (which I will be reviewing in another post) and then headed to the BON JOVI concert!!!!!! Oh my god is Jon Bon Jovi still as cute as ever!! To quote the young girls behind me... "He is so hot!" This was such an awesome concert- we didn't have great seats, but the Blaisdell Arena is small enough that you still feel close enough to see the actual band and not just looking at the large screens.
I totally thought that we were going to be the oldest ones in the crowd, but I was wrong. There was a good mix of young and old at this concert and all enjoyed it! I'm just happy that they played almost all of my favorite songs- a good mix of oldies and new stuff. It was just awesome!
Ok- enough about Bon Jovi... Spent the next day craft shopping with Aunty Jan! We hit several of the Scrapbook stores in Honolulu, including J's Knicknacks. They had a sale that day, so if you brought in a red heart, you would get an extra 10% off of your entire purchase! Music to my ears! Saw Cheryl (Life is Sweet) there since she was doing a make 'n take. We were too late for the make 'n take, but got to talk story a bit in between shopping. Turns out she already knew who Aunty Jan was! Small world yah?
The next day was Valentine's Day and I already had plans to go to Teri's class. DH took Akemi to visit some friends and go to the Bishop Museum, while I attended Teri's class. I must apologize to Teri- I'm a horrible student! I don't listen to instructions and made several mistakes. Oh well! I had so much fun, I didn't care that my projects weren't perfect! Here's what we made... cute yah? Teri comes up with great projects!
Just wanted to show you the inside of the top note box... I love that there was a surprise message inside the box!
Got to see some fellow bloggers again like Linda (Simple and Sassy Creations), Joy D. (Tamikos), Janis (Creative Expressions) and Teri (Big Ideas From A Little Girl) and got to meet some new friends- Joy (A Place to Be Me) and Joni (Crafty Hula Hands). I also met Winnie and Myra, who also attended the class. it was so nice to make new friends who speak the same crafting language as me. Everyone is so nice and SO FUNNY! Hope I can attend another class again soon.
OK I have to confess something and apologize... I was so busy telling Linda about the Bon Jovi concert that I forgot to give Joy D. her RAK! Sorry Joy! I was wondering why I came home with an extra one! Duh! I'll be sending your RAK out soon. I'm so embarassed!
Here's the RAKs I got from some of the girls.... All of them came with CHOCOLATE! Most of that chocolate is gone!!!! The candy bar purse is from Linda. She also gave Akemi some HK goodies- which I really want to steal for myself! The cute card is from Joni H. See next photo to see how the card folds out. The awesome top note box was by Joy U and the Stella stamp (and other goodies) was from Janis. You ladies are so nice and generous! I was touched that you thought of me. Thank you!
Here's Joni's card opened up.. neat yah?
Can't wait for my next trip home...


Brenda said...

Lucky You! Wish I could have attended Teri's class... hopefully the next one! Great projects and RAKS!

Big Apple Jen said...

Ahh ... another Bon Jovi/Papercrafts girl. I traveled to Hawaii (from NYC) for those two Jovishows. Awewsome time ... LOVED Hawaii - must come back!

Actually, Bon Jovi is how I got into scrapbooking in the first place - then I became a Stampin UP demo ... and well, the rest is as you would expect. :-)

Kyoko said...

Hi Jenny! I'm so glad to hear that you had fun at the concert and Teri's class. Sorry that I missed meeting you yet again, but I know we will meet one day. Thank you so much for my "happy mail" ... you are just too sweet to even think of me! I love what you created and it looks really hard to put together ... very impressive. Thanks again for being so sweet!


Unknown said...

Glad you had a great time! Nice projects :)

joni h said...

was good fun meeting you at Teri's. good thing Teri had easy projects so that we could spend more time talking and eating! thanks for my mailbox-it's so cute! DD2 is using it to send letters to me! have a great week!

Joy said...

it was a blast to meet you Jenny! I am so glad you had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed myself too! hope to see you again real soon! have a good day!

Teri said...

Thanks for coming to the class Jenny! Thank YOU for the goodies too! All of us had so much fun! Can't wait to do this again!!

Joy said...

Hi Jenny! Yah, forgot about me... boo hoo, nah, just kidding! I got it in the mail today and WOW, I got blown away! Check out my post later ok???

Thanks for everything!!! I love everything!!

Joy D.