Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Haley!

One of my niece's is gonna have a birthday soon!  I'm really trying to be good and get my cards out on time.  Hope I'm not too late!  

She loves animals- especially dogs!  Like Daba, my niece has a "Daba" called Woof Woof.  I think her name has changed to Lacey.  My brother (more like my SIL) was smart and got several Woof Woof dolls- just in case.  But believe me they know the difference between the "real" Woof Woof and the fake Woof Woofs.  Akemi could do that too.

So, everytime I see a puppy, I think of my niece. Hope she likes this card.  Oh, and she also likes the color blue, so that's why I tried to incorporate it into my project.

Here's a better look at Kiki...

And it's a pop up card!  Here's what it looks like when you open it up!

Hope Haley has a great birthday!  See you soon!


Leanne said...

Cute card! The colors are pretty, and Kiki is adorable. Haley is a lucky little girl to have a crafty auntie like you.
Bet she loves it!

Cami said...

SO cute! Haley will love this...I do, too!