Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prima Doll Tag Swap

I finally am getting around to posting the tags I received from the swap.  I'm not sure why, but I've been very exhausted this whole week!  Anyway, I finally got my butt off the couch and plugged my phone into the computer so I could download the photos.  Here's the three tags I received.

Again, the swap was to do a Prima doll tag, but we each got to add our own element requirement to the mix.  I picked a butterfly, Linda picked a stick pin and dangle charm, Cami picked lace and pearls, and Kyoko picked stencils with paste.  As you can see, we all met the requirements of the swap but our tags all turned out so different.  I love that!

The first project I'll share is by Cami.. She packaged up the tag so nicely.  I knew someone was going to make a box for the tag!  So pretty!

And here's her tag.   It totally looks like Cami's work.  I love the butterfly stencil she used in the background.  And she even personalized each tag by adding our initial to the flower.  That dog is just too cute too.  Oh yah, that crochet tag was attached to the box wrapping, but I wanted to share it anyway.

The second tag is by Linda.. Don't you just love the colors?  I would have never thought to pair the light blue with burgendy, but somehow it works nicely!  That hanger charm is so cute.  She also customized our stick pin... see the "J" on mine?

And last but not least is Kyoko's tag.  Great minds think alike, cause I used the same girl on my tags!!  My favorite favorite thing on her tag is her dangle charm.  I love that she made it using the little purse charm and made it hang from her arm!! So cute!  Her stencil came out super cute too.

Thank you ladies!  I had so much fun with this tag swap challenge!  I'm glad we found a fun way to use our supplies and share our creativity with each other!  Looking forward to Cami's bingo card challenge next!

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