Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Magic Wands

At work, I joke that I need a magic wand to make all the impossible things happen.  I even bought my (now retired) boss a wand when I went to Disnelyand once I realized all the "magic" she had to do at work.  LOL!  I think I'm gonna start a magic wand collection- what do you think?

So now that you've had a good laugh, I thought you might enjoy this project.  Every year I have to come up with something to hand out at my daughter's annual recital.  This year, I saw some of these wands at the Target dollar bin.  They did NOT come with the embellishments and flowers on it, just the wand with ribbon.  At first I was ready to just hand them out as is, but after I looked at them for awhile, I decided I couldn't let them go without pretty-ing them up a bit.  Here's what I came up with...

I am trying to use up some my stash so I was very free with what I added to each wand.  The must include on each wand was a shabby rosette.  I have an overabundance of these pretties, so I need to find ways to use them up.  Here I added them as a base and then layered other elements over them for different looks.  Here's the five varieties I came up with.  I really should have taken a photo of them without any embellishments so you could see the "before" shot.

Oki doki.  Trying to figure out if I have the strength to make tags for them now.  We'll see- I have another week.


eva said...

these are so cute! i wish we had a better target here. i don't see these kinds of things here.

Leanne said...

Turned out great! The girls will be waving their wands around for days!

Cami said...

What a great idea...they are so pretty!